Episode 4: We’ve Lost Track of Time

Episode 4 July 07, 2022 01:12:21
Episode 4: We’ve Lost Track of Time
Why Are We So Restless?
Episode 4: We’ve Lost Track of Time

Jul 07 2022 | 01:12:21


Show Notes

Everything about our lives these days is fast. We measure time in fractions of a second. We prize efficiency and good time management more than just about anything else. But this puts pressure on us that ultimately degrades our humanity. When so much of life and growth happens slowly, being in a hurry can wear you down. Why are we so restless? Because we've lost track of time.   

At the conclusion of John’s talk, co-hosts Center for Public Christianity Executive Director Josh Chatraw and New City Fellows alumnus Micah Vandegrift are joined by Jimmy Doster, also a New City Fellows alumnus, to reflect on John’s teaching and discuss how it applies to daily life. So, keep listening! 

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